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Modern lifestyle is a kaleidoscope overloaded with changes. An excess luggage. Every day we serve you a cocktail of bestsellers in Architecture, Interiors, Design & Technology to keep up with the evolution pace. Our editorials scenario is based on a range of highlights, transferring opinion-forming views and a good dose of inspirations. We strive to introduce Design and Architecture icons to our audience as well as to present modern home solutions dedicated to “make life easier” philosophy. Our interest is focused mainly on Polish market. Interested? You are more than welcome to follow this section


Professionals you will find on HomeSquare are the most prominent Architects and Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Industrial Designers, Architecture Photographers and some outstanding Artisans too. The projects signed with their names express extraordinary passion and temperament. Their creations are the nod to all the enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the elite beauty and timeless style.

The latest interior designs & houses projects

The interior inspirations and the newest houses projects presented in this section constitute a unique offer by top Polish and foreign professionals. Every single image in the gallery illustrates their individual approach and gives you an example of how one can incorporate trends in creating stylish living spaces.

Modern dining room with narrow kitchen Exitdesign
Minimalism in a bathroom Katarzyna Kraszewska
Wooden tessera in living room Sikora interiors
Gray tiles in the bathroom Casamila
Eclectic kitchen combined with dining room Sikora interiors
High gloss wood in a modern kitchen Hola Design
Modern stone house Exterio
Modernization of a modern house Exterio
Modern house with a garage Exterio


We do miss exceptional craftsmanship and genuine quality … Therefore we strive to present projects & interior designs fully capturing the idea of creating balanced, clever solutions. Equally important is the furnishing and decoration of living spaces. Undoubtedly it complements the interiors and expresses their nature. Our website is dedicated both to professionals and users who have decided to build a house, who have already entered the furnishing stage or are about to renovate their living space. Top designers and interior architects strive in the creation of impressive proposals you may find an idea tailor made especially for you.

HomeSquare is a platform of ideas exchange and dialog between architects, designers and other professionals associated with Real Estate and Interiors Industry and all the people who understand that a house is its residents emanation.
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